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Share your Google Calendar online

Some exciting new features have been added to your WorshiPlanner program, starting with WorshiPlanner Online Calendar. Each user will have the option to use WorshiPlanner Online Calendar, which will include a Google calendar. You add an event to your Google calendar and everyone in your ministry will have that event show up on their WorshiPlanner Online calendar.

What Is WorshiPlanner Online Calendar?

  • Password-protected web site with your own sub-domain like www.yourchurch.wpupload.com
  • Accessed from computers, tablets, and smart phones
  • Immediate updating of the calendar
  • Eliminate the task of adding users one at a time
  • Google calendar subscribers can copy events to their Google calendar with a click


  • $99 one time setup fee for registering your sub-domain, setting up email submission forms, and loading the html pages at your site
  • No additional charge other than staying current with Annual Update and Support subscription

What if I want to upload mp3 and pdf files, or embed videos?

  • Convert this page to the full wpUpload by subscribing to it

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Step 2: Place Order

WorshiPlanner Online Calendar Setup Fee $99