Stem File Management


Stem files and Loops Management

Stem files and loops are multi-track audio files that can enhance the presentation of songs in worship.  Since they are multi-track files, missing instruments can be included in the mix.  A computer program called a DAW (Digital Audio Workstation), plays the montage of WAV files simultaneously and synced together.  The sound engineer has the ability to change the volume of each track as desired.

Since more and more churches are utilizing stems in worship, some of our users have requested a way to better manage the use of these files.  After studying the situation, we have made the following additions to WorshiPlanner, and perhaps more to come:

  • Added a checkbox to song cards in the Music Library and Worship Songs to indicate there are Stems for this song
  • Added the checkbox along with Tagged, PDF and Mp3 check boxes on the main library and worship songs lists
  • Added Stem Files to the drop list of searchable fields to both lists
  • Added user-definable buttons to enter which Stems are used in which service on the Sound Cues pop-up form
  • Included Stem info on Flow Notes of each Song Card used when the user saves the notes
  • Included linked stem files being copied to service folder
  • Enabled Stem info to be included on the Sound Cues Service Flow Sheet